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All the documents you need to Get MSC certification

*** These old resources are not in use any more - the (much better!), new resources are here ***


MSC Certification through the ROC Group is a simple process, and there's not a great deal of paperwork involved. Here is everything you need

1. ROC Group Handbook

The key document for MSC Certification - it outlines the simple traceability systems which must be in place in your restaurant.


These systems are designed to ensure that MSC fish is not substituted with non-MSC fish within your business, so the ecolabel is always used against fish which is genuinely from an MSC certified fishery.


Read this document first

3. Training Materials

As part of the requirements, you are required to carry out some staff training. These materials are all you need to ensure staff understand what they need to do:


Training Session           Presentation                  Training Film

Including a quiz and         Welcome your staff to      

training record sheet       MSC Certification              


2. Application Form


Once you are confident that the requirements outlined in the Handbook are in place, you can apply to become certified by completing the online application form

4. Audit Checklists

Once your Application Form has been received, you will be contacted to arrange a suitable date for the Group Manager to visit to check that the requirements outlined in the Handbook are in place. In some cases a more convenient online checklist can be completed - the Group manager will let you know.

Onsite Audit Checklist:


Here's a simple checklist of everything that will be checked by the Group Manager during the visit

Online Checklists:



Use this if you aren't already certified



Use this if you are already certified


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