Surveillance Audits 

Welcome to your annual audit for MSC certification through the ROC Group. 

The audit has two parts:

The MSC representative must complete a quiz to check understanding of the MSC requirments, as set out in the ROC Group handbook.


The quiz should take about 20 minutes.

The MSC Representative must complete a set of online audit questions to demonstrate that you still follow the MSC Requirements, and report any problems or changes.

You will be asked to upload some photographic evidence, and a normal smartphone photo is fine.

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Useful things

ROC Group Handbook

Sets out the MSC requirements for buying, storing, training, and record keeping for MSC certification.

Training Resources

A key part of MSC certification is maintaining training with your team, as appropriate to their role. There are some training resources here

Examples of Good Photos

You will be asked to upload some photos as part of your online audit. Here are some examples.

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